So, is it possible to make question like this to be "objective answer"-safe, and how should it look like? Summary: To make it "objective-answer" safe, you'd have to stop requiring so much speculation about what you need. Furthermore, by asking for a one-size-fits-all solution, you're venturing into the classic "best practice" bad assumptions. Long answer:...


Perhaps the best answer to the "question" is to provide some pointers to complex questions that have exemplary documentation. I would like to hold up these questions as examples of how well you could document your problem so that others can effectively and accurately assist. VPN Questions Backup IP for site 2 site VPN (Juniper SRX) Routing problems ...


By not listing any "products", you are eliciting a shopping list in the answers, and a potentially never ending series of "I've done it with [X]" opinion answers.

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