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Use this tag when asking about what makes a good question on networkengineering.SE, or explaining what is required to convert a question into a good question.

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Under what cirumstances can questions about network layouts, desirables and pitfalls for a specific category of environments be considered objective?

I am referring to this question of mine posted several days ago that was put on hold as primarily opinion-based: Ad-hoc network infrastructure for professional meetings requiring high bandwith and ...
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32 votes
1 answer

Network Engineering Question Checklist

Question Checklist Here's a short list of questions to check after you've written a question (and to think about before you write the question). Please consider addressing as much of this material ...
10 votes
2 answers

Can we flesh out guidelines to improve "Best Practice" and other vague questions?

One of the things that draws me to Stack Exchange sites is a focus on what Eric Raymond calls smart questions. Quoting the NE about page: Ask about: Specific issues with network ...