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Clarification about rejected Flags

I have flag this Question for off topic But It was rejected. But it looks like a off topic because question does not contain any thing about Network engineering. I flagged because of this point " ...
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How to flag as off-topic and refer to another SE site

When I flag a question as off-topic, and select This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network, I'm presented with a "list" of SE sites to choose from, but the only item in the ...
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Why was this link-only flag declined?

Someone recently posted a link-only answer to this SNMP Memory measurement question: The Stack Exchange Community Mods seem to believe that this is not an answer. However, my flag was declined: I ...
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Cleaning up posts only referring to dead links

Can we please regulate our behavior whenever we encounter useless comments or answers? I am not discussing external references. I simply want to know what I can do to get a post removed which does not ...