Can we please regulate our behavior whenever we encounter useless comments or answers? I am not discussing external references. I simply want to know what I can do to get a post removed which does not give an answer itself or by reference.

For example:

  • I did find an already answered question. Basically, I was satisfied. However, one post mentions useful information - the command configuring all interfaces at once.
  • The link is dead. The post does not explain anything anymore. The user did not log on for more than eleven months.
  • I cannot revive the question by commenting to the comment. Only by faking an answer, I would be able to advertise the issue. Otherwise, the question would not be considered a recent activity. As mentioned before, the user seems to be gone.
    I suggest to delete those posts by flagging. Or does that lower the user's reputation? At least it does give anyone who finds posts without any information a way to get them removed. Those post are plain and simple spam.
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    I found the comment you referenced, however while the link was misconfigured, if you correct it by removing the HTML code it works. I did edit the comment to correct the link. – YLearn May 8 '14 at 17:43
  • Thank you for your effort. That did turn the comment into something useful. – user2964971 May 8 '14 at 19:27

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