Ben Personick

Infrastructure Engineer with 15 years experience working to support SaaS Applications.

This means the soup to nuts management of the lifecycle of a SaaS in the Network sand systems spectrum along with deployment, and troubleshooting including bugfixes and design changes to the application's code to make it functionally High Availability and three tiered while adhering to the needs of the infrastructure.

I dable in C#/ASP.net as needed on the troubleshooting and general help side of things most of the time I spend writing CMD, SH, or PS scripts (more so CMD/PS as I work in the business world of SaaS)

I have quite a bit of SQL Experience both Managing and scripting, although this tends to be more discrete as there is usually an occasional specific need to fill such as backup scripting or scripting to transform the paths contained in specific tables for specific cleint data we're moving, or just some troubleshooting of an issue happening in the application.

I Love Gaming in various forms:

  • Console Games (FPS/RPG/Racing)
  • PC Games (Strategy/Sim/Survival/Management)
  • Mobile Games (RPG/Strategy/Sim/Survival/Management/Time-Wasters)
  • Table-Top Games (Dominion, Catan, Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, Chess, Go, Scotland Yard, etc.)
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