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While we are out of beta, we are still a relatively new community, so I am sure we are missing tags. I have added the requested tag for you.


The stated intent of the Network Engineering site is: No. The quote you provide is a description for the best-practices tag. This is not the stated intent of the Network Engineering site. From the help center for the site, the stated intent of the Network Engineering site is: Network Engineering Stack Exchange is for asking questions about ...


That tag is something that usually gets misused. For example, I have seen best-practices used for questions on how to design something that lacked sufficient information or used by someone who wanted free consulting. The tag also gets misused to try to solicit opinion-based answers or off-topic recommendations. Questions tagged with best-practices asking ...


You will not find a tag for Modbus. On a network, Modbus rides on top of TCP or UDP, meaning is is a protocol above OSI layer-4, which, unfortunately, means it is off-topic on Network Engineering. Even the title of the link you posted claims its an application protocol, not a network protocol. The What topics can I ask about here? section of the Help Center ...

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