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I would say it depends on the exact context of the question, but in most cases, yes, discussions about a proxy would be off topic. (as it's almost entirely a server or software discussion.) How to direct traffic to your proxy would be an example of an on-topic use. (i.e. WCCP, policy routing, etc.)


I hate that I had to manually edit over 100 questions to do this, but I am just over 2/3rds done. We started with around 200 network questions, and we're now down to about 60. Update 1: Thanks to Ryan Foley for helping out with the 60 remaining questions Update 2: I deleted a bunch of networking tags over the weekend, but a moderator will need to ...


Removing a tag will not stop people from creating it again, anyone can add any tag (even if it does not exist) to a question. So option 1 and 3 will only work for a short while and then the aws tag will pop up again. I prefer option 2, I think aws is associated more often with Amazon Web Services than with Advanced Wireless Services, but that may be the ...


Thanks for taking the time to make this site better! Please suggest improvements on tag descriptions. As described in this post on, links to external resources can be included. That post contains some nice hints on how to write good tag descriptions, so it's worth checking that before starting.


Tags are created by adding them to the taglist on a question. There's no option on the tag overview page to add a new tag without linking it to a question. As far as I'm aware you have more than enough reputation to do this. If not, you need to at least specify to which question this tag should be added.


The tag already existed, for some reason I couldn't edit it but now I can so the problem is resolved.

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