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We'll route logins through HTTP on child metas again as of revision 2014.3.12.1449. Thanks for the report!


Deleted content is not shown in your profile, the counts are for non-deleted content and are accurate showing 0 right now.


It isn't a bug... for whatever reason, this was the intended graphic. Quoting Jaydles: Deep down, I think we all knew that eventually, the decision to go with a color-blind designer would come back to bite us Obviously a tongue-in-cheek answer, but this is perhaps the best we'll get ;-)


This is the source from the link that was showing a 404... it is likely expected to be an HTTP 404 error since the question was deleted by the system, but I'm still checking I am planning to make this network : ⎡ Internet modem ⎤ ⎡ Wi-fi ⎤ <--> [ PC ] ⎢ & ⎥ <--> ⎢ access point ⎥ ...

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