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Programming has a home in Enterprise Networking

This stack exchange is not true to the nature of the next generation of network engineers. There are new questions in enterprise networking with regards to automation, orchestration, buzzword and we ...
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Migration request

Some time ago, I asked How can one redirect to a new host all traffic destined for an old host? on ServerFault. Alas, I never received a satisfactory response. With hindsight, I’m not too sure why I ...
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Graduated and new design, so let's take some time to polish the site

It's taken a while, but the site has graduated from beta and we have been given a great new design to make the site look great. However as I look around, I still see areas where we as a community need ...
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"Community Bulleting Board" went away?

Did I miss a memo? :) Did the "Community Bulleting Board" feature -- the colored block that used to show things we[moderators] tagged with a certain tag -- go away? We used to have the "asking ...
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Correcting a spelling error on the "On-Topic" help page

Sorry to make my first post on this site to Meta, but as I was preparing to ask a question on the main site I stopped by the What topics can I ask about here? help document to make sure my question ...
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Recent (help/on-topic) Facelift

To date, we've had some unpleasant Help Center markdown in help/on-topic; if I was a newbie, I wouldn't want to read it. Before: We had Bare ALL CAPS headings Ugly pastel quote blocks Added ...
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EIGRP vs OSPF: Opinion Based?

Is the question EIGRP vs OSPF primarily opinion based, (or at the very least, far too broad for this format), and therefore subject to closure? The question in question: EIGRP and OSPF are both ...
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