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Question about tools marked as off-topic

My question was marked as off-topic. This question is not about a home network. However, while reading the rules of NE, I see there is a requirement for the question to be about: tools used by ...
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Asking questions in answers comments

I answered this question and the OP keeps asking more questions by posting comments on my answer. Now these extra questions could be answered, but IMO it's starting to get further from the original ...
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Are capital-fixing edits necessaries in question titles?

I wonder if it is worth, and accepted, to edit questions just to fix a missing capital letter at the beginning of the question title. Or the beginning of the second sentence if there is one in the ...
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Does Stack Exchange have a place for open-ended questions and/or discussion?

Within the Stack Exchange structure is there a place for discussions and general sharing of information? In addition to specific questions and their answers I'd love to have a place where I can ...
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Are questions about specific devices off topic?

Are questions about a specific product off topic? For example, about problems with a certain hardware model, questions about upgrading a specific product. It's already discussed if comparison and ...
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