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Can I edit my question to be on topic or does it not belong here at all?

I have a question about my Network Engineering Stack Exchange post: Test Docsis Transponder without CMTS? Hello, I thought my question was on topic and best suited for this group but I'm new here so ...
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Issue with an abbreviation RDT that affects close reasons for questions

First, this is about providing accurate close reasons for questions, that are most likely off-topic anyways. If you don't think it is relevant, you can ignore the rest of the text. First thing some ...
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IPSec is layer 4 or above?

I migrated this question from cryptography - as the acceptance or rejection of packages has usually little to do with cryptography. Now I can imagine that it gets closed here, but the reason given is ...
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Question on configuring IPv6 on an OSPFv3 server closed as offtopic?

The question "IPv6 link-local addresses for virtual interfaces are identical - how to assign “link-unique”? " has been put on hold as offtopic on NE. Help page "What topics can I ask about here?" ...
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Under what cirumstances can questions about network layouts, desirables and pitfalls for a specific category of environments be considered objective?

I am referring to this question of mine posted several days ago that was put on hold as primarily opinion-based: Ad-hoc network infrastructure for professional meetings requiring high bandwith and ...
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Does the context of a question matter if it is omitted?

Ironically, the context of this question: How much would a wiring fault cause bandwidth over cat 6 to drop by? In this question, the OP states that their question is in a home networking environment,...
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