This is a reopen request for this question, which was put on hold as off-topic for being configuration-related. I've provided quotes from the help center that contradict this decision, however the moderator responded with an unrelated remark instead of addressing the contradiction.


Unfortunately, questions about host/server configurations are off-topic here. You could try to ask this question on Server Fault for a business network. Routing happens on packets between networks, bridging happens on frames on the same network.


From the help center's off-topic list: "configuration or operation of computers/servers not directly related to networking;". My understanding was that Network Engineering was split from Server Fault specifically to separate network-related questions from all other configuration-related questions. How can a question about network routing can be off-topic on Network Engineering?

From the on-topic list: "servers operating as a router/switch/firewall;".


Right, but there is also the caveat that the manufacturer must offer optional, paid support, and you do not have that for Linux. Also, most businesses, will not actually try to use a server for a router or switch because of the performance hit.

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The response is not unrelated. On the What topics can I ask about here? page from which you quoted:

and meets the following requirements

  • under your direct control (if the network is not under your control you will not likely be able to provide the information required to answer your question);
  • hardware that has a paid support option from the manufacturer (enterprise/provider class products, some small business class devices);
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    Frankly, this doesn't make any sense to me. Why would you have a Network Engineering stack exchange which is limited like this? This is not at all obvious or helpful to people looking to solve network-related problems. In any case this is not the main issue for me, so can you move this question to Server Fault then (or wherever it is on-topic)?
    – r3mus n0x
    Nov 22, 2018 at 13:46
  • You can simply Edit, Copy All, and Paste into a question on your chosen site. If it is for a business network (another requirement for NE), then Server Fault would be the place to ask, otherwise it would be Super User or something like Unix & Linux.
    – Ron Maupin Mod
    Nov 22, 2018 at 13:58

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