Re: How DHCP works?

I feel DHCP is rather on topic for network engineering.


Personally, I think it should be, but only to a certain degree. Configuring DHCP servers is certainly off-topic, although configuring DHCP in routers has been allowed, but a discussion of how the protocol works probably should be allowed. Based on previous, relatively-recent, DHCP questions which have been marked off-topic by the moderators, this question is off-topic, although I think it would be worth keeping an answering.

I found an old question with the answer to the question you have linked.

  • Agreed. The protocol's operation is on topic. Configuration of a DHCP Server (not on a router) is off topic. – Eddie Feb 26 '16 at 5:51
  • My opinion would be that "Which options do I need for purpose X" is definitely on-topic, including answers and examples in whatever convenient notation including for example Cisco IOS and ISC dhcpd.conf. "Where do I click? / What file do I edit?" should be off topic. – jonathanjo Jun 14 '18 at 12:13

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