What are peoples thoughts on accepting/up voting answers where a user has simply copied a few lines from another website and used that as their answer?

I don't really like and would down vote those answers unless you

  • Made it clear that the content is from another site
  • You include a link the the URL you sourced your material from
  • Actually put your own thoughts into the answer

I came across this question Multi-Mode and Single-Mode Fiber Differences which I have down voted because firstly the user just posted the first 3 lines from some random website and secondly the URL was incorrect and thirdly I don't think it's a very good quality answer.

Is this a fair assessment and should we discourage these kinds of answers? What if the website were to vanish over night?

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Yes, exactly.

Stack Exchange guidance is an answer should stand on its own. URLs shoiuld be included as a citation if the answer is not the poster's own work.

If you, or anyone, see spammy Qs or As, please flag them for moderator review.

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