As read in many part of this site, them are off topic. I'm asking if that policy shall be reconsidered:

  • networking certifications questions are useful (I hope!) to better understand how networking work
  • if someone is studying for it, at sure is involved on the topics of this site
  • in the medium period the ones that now are looking for network certify shall be working in this technology branch, and if they become frequent user of this site, they shall share here them competence.

And and everything else... so if was possible to "tolerate" them, maybe correctly tagged as Multiple Choice Questions, certifications question or something else, I think it will help to approach the network engineer of tomorrow and share with them your competence. Cheer

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    Certification questions and multiple choice topics have already been discussed at length here, here and here. The overwhelming consensus is not to allow them. Oct 14, 2014 at 9:27
  • thanks for the reply @mike I read some of them before to ask. I decided to ask only for this reason: In more or less all of them was explained why is better no, I would explain a different prospective. Tx for your work here. Cheers
    – feligiotti
    Oct 14, 2014 at 9:35
  • mmm... I was thinking to hijack that kind of questions in a stack exchange chat, but the low reputation of the news user doesn't permit it... maybe StackExchange isn't really the better place for that kind of use. Amen
    – feligiotti
    Oct 14, 2014 at 15:48

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For the purposes of this answer, let's consider two possible categories of questions:

A-questions. There is a legitimate need for the questions we have already listed as on-topic; furthermore, Stack Exchange offers useful improvements over many network engineering resources which are traditionally mailing lists (i.e. cisco-nsp and such).
B-questions. There already are plenty of certification forums for asking about your homework, or why this cert practice exam prefers this answer to the multiple choice question.

It is very simple to come up with reasonable B-questions; no thought is involved, just copy your homework questions onto the site, or farm them from your favorite certification forum and change a few numbers / words.

Given that B-questions are so easy to write, and reputation points / badges are at stake, B-questions will overwhelm this site and drown out the A-questions.


Nothing has changed. We want A-questions, we don't want B-questions.

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