Is the question EIGRP vs OSPF primarily opinion based, (or at the very least, far too broad for this format), and therefore subject to closure?

The question in question:

EIGRP and OSPF are both IGP protocols, the former is proprietary of Cisco and the latter is an open standard. What are the benefits of EIGRP over OSPF and vice versa?

What protocol should one choose when deploying a network. If you have mixed devices the choice would obviously be OSPF, but what if you are running a Cisco only shop, are there any features EIGRP excels in compared to OSPF that would make it feasible to only deploy EIGRP?

To date it has 4 answers and much commenting/discussion under each answer.

Note: The linked question, EIGRP vs OSPF, and it is the 4th Google Result for "EIGRP vs OSPF" and thus will bring search engine traffic to the site.



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