Similar to the elevator pitch - what would you suggest as a tagline or motto?

Taglines can be a short and clever sentence to the point, an even shorter motto could be a good companion to a logo.

Who has several ideas, could still put them into one post, the favorite first, to avoid a lot of two-word-posts. Readers still can comment if they upvote because of the 2nd or 3rd, or upvote such a comment. Im sure we will understand what's liked.


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Tag lines:

  • Network engineering. Building the backbone of the Internet.
  • Network engineering. The tech behind speed and bandwidth.

Mottos, logo add-ons:

  • Bandwidth matters.
  • Throughput counts.

Tag lines:

  • Network Engineering. Building Better Networks.
  • Network Engineering. Improving connectivity.

Network Engineering: Picking up the Packets.
The packet picker uppers.

Network Engineering: Routing Questions to Answers.

j/k on this last one:
Network Engineering: The glue that no one smells.

  • Network Engineering: Routing around problems
  • Network Engineering: Internet? BTDT.
  • Network Engineering: You boot it, we route it.


  • Our packets travel around the globe to connect the world.

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